Friday, November 20, 2009

Workin' Girl.

Such sheer craziness!
In the last month my life has been turned upside down, shaken, stirred and then latterly flipped!
There have been huge developments and major changes, definitely a transition time.
First of all Andrew (aka The Husband) was laid off. His company down sized and they let a ton of people go. Even though he'd been there for over a year he was the last one hired so there was no chance they were going to keep him. A few days after that my Father (who lives with us) was diagnosed with cancer. As a result of this my Mother (who also lives with us) left her job to be with Dad. Which I wholeheartedly support, but, with Andrew's recent lay off, that meant NO ONE in our house hold was actually working, or earning money.
Yikes! So, last week I gots me some employment. Only part time for now, as I'm easing back into it slowly (it has been five years after all). The husband is taking really well to his new (unpaid) job as primary caregiver, but there are still a few bumps to bump over. Going back only part time is making it a lot easier on all of us.
*Side note: I'm getting really frustrated with constantly having to justify/explain this decision to people.*
And yes, I'm afraid I've gone back to retail. And yes, I know I swore I never ever ever would, but lets face it folks, under current circumstances there's no way I'm going back to school, and retail is what I know best. BUT, (and yes it is a big butt ;) I really really like this company, and it's one I've shopping at for years. I like s it, and I can say with integrity, "this is good sh*t, I would buy it and I think you should too!" So through Christmas at least I'm just working as a part time sales person, starting way at the bottom, with the intention of moving up afterwords. (provided that I can cut it and the company really as good to work for as it seems at first glance.) So yeah, I am resigning my post as a stay at home Mum. I'm now a going to work Mum.
That's all the really big stuff.
It's been hard, I'm not going to pretend this last month has been in any way easy it hasn't been, but I'm coping as well as can be expected, and I even manged to make a book while all this was going on!
Anyhoo, feel free to say some prayers for me, or send me some positive vibrations, or light me a candle, or do what ever spiritual thing you would do to love and support someone in my current position, goodness knows I need it.
Peace y'all

Monday, November 16, 2009

Beautiful Ontario- The book

Great news everybody!
Beautiful Ontario
the photography exhibition is now available in book form from lulu.
So if you liked the show, and you'd like to own it all, now you can!