Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's my election, I'll vote how I want to!

I've never made my political preferences a secret. Most people who know me, know that deep down I'm a tree-hugging-hippie. Always have been. So it really shouldn't be any surprise that I vote green. Meaning that I support the green party of Canada. (And by support, I mean I vote for them, I have a green sign on my lawn and, heck, I even have a green party t-shirt!) As you might imagine, wearing said t-shirt when there is an upcoming election generates a lot of, erm, interesting conversation. During these interesting conversations, after people have told me who they are voting for and why, I am often asked why I am "throwing my vote away." I must admit, it pisses me off. So much so that I am moved to blog on my blog about why I vote the way I do (and why I shouldn't have to defend it.)

So, here I go.......

First, as I citizen of this wonderful country, it is my right to vote for whomever I wish. If I want to vote for Egor of the Bean Party, I have have that right, and I will dam well vote for beans if I want to. Nobody can stop me.

Second, If there is a political party that truly represents my beliefs and values, I will vote for them no matter how unpopular they are. The point of having a democracy is that everyone gets one vote, and they use that one vote to express what they want, for their country, for there future. If everyone practices strategic voting, then we will have a much clearer idea of what people don't want in their government as apposed to want they do want. So I will always vote for who I actually want in charge. I will not vote for someone I don't agree with, or someone I don't believe in to keep someone else out of power. It's just not my style.

Third, If people are afraid of "throwing away" their vote and this causes them not to vote for their party of choice, but against the party they don't want, how will there ever be any new choices? How can new ideas and values ever get represented? How will there ever be any kind of political movement or shifting? This is NOT a two party system, our choices are not either or, we have opportunity to actually vote for what we want, it just takes the hutzpa to do it.

Fourth, political parties recieve government funding basied on the number of votes they recieve, so if I don't vote green, not only am I giving actual money to support a party I don't support, I'm taking it away from a party that I do support. What else can I say? Money talks. The parties that receive over 2% of the national vote get $1.75 per vote cast from taxpayers.

Fifth, Elizabeth May is one hell of a great party learder. She's smart, capable, and she has real integrety. Also, I like her as a person. You might think I'm trowing my vote away, but I know that she at least appreciates my vote for her party.

There it is in a nut shell. I could go on but I won't.

I would never tell you who to vote for. It's a secrect ballot, and who you vote for is not really any of my business. But, I WILL tell you to make an informed decesion.
Please, check out all the party platforms. Watch the national leaders debate (English language October 2nd 2008). Get to know the people who you are considering giving your country to. And most of all, have the balls to vote for who you actually support, and who you actually believe in.

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I'm interested in what you think about this topic.......

Somthing you should read....

Recently Orson Scott Card wrote "Empire" A Tor Book - Published by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC 2006.
It's not a great read.
it's not bad, but not as good as his Ender's saga.
At the end of this book there is an essay.
The essay at the back of this book is really good.
It takes a look at the American political system and the dangers hidden there within.
I highly recommend that you read this essay before you vote in any more elections.