Sunday, April 15, 2007

Old Blogging part 4 - Purest love

In the course of his illness Ben puked right in my face. In my eyes and on nose to be exact. I've never had to wash bile out of my eyes stings a bit. So here I am stinking of vomit, tired and worn out and I'm starting to feel a little sick myself. (Gee I wonder how that happened?) And I know I really truly deeply love him because when he said "Ma-ma!" and then put his sweet little arms around my neck and blew chunks at me, I didn't bitch slap him or scream or even get mad. I just said "Andrew please take the baby, I've got to go rinse my eyes."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Old Blogging part 5- About fraud

So I was a victim of attempted fraud. Somehow my debt card info was copied and my pin recorded at a "compromised" debt site. This is how it happens; The thieves use a card reader to get the electronic info off the card and a video recorder to tape you punching in your personal identification number. Then they try to rip you off. The fraud department at my bank was alerted because there was an attempted withdrawal for 200 dollars over my daily limit in Laval QC. My account was then frozen and I had to go into the bank branch and get a new card and do a new pin. They told me to do the same with all my other financial institutions. A minor pain in the ass but I did it. I was lucky that they caught it when they did and that the crooks were not able to get any money from my account. The only way to avoid this is to physically cover the key pad when you do your pin and go into change your pin every couple of months. This can happen to anyone who uses a debt card. It could happen to you. Always cover your pin and change it often.
Don't be a victim of fraud!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Old Blogging part 6- How Ben scarded the s**t out of me

Okay, So I'm sitting on the sofa with Ben reading a book. "Father cat's busy day" and Ben decides he's had enough so he climbs down the sofa and grabs his bus. Then he toddles off down the hallway. I know all the doors are closed so I don't follow him. Then he starts crying. I didn't hear a thump, a bump, or any unusual noises. I figured he found a closed door and he was unhappy about it. It's not panicked crying, just his normal crying. Then he comes toddeling back down the hall with his bus still in hand, still crying. I look at him and see blood pouring down his face from his nose all down his mouth and chin. Now I know what they mean in books when they describe fear squeezing your heart. I thought I was going to faint or have a panic attack. There was so much blood. He's fine by the way, I'm still not sure what happened but he got over it fairly quickly. Much faster than me, I'm still a little shaken. I wiped the blood away (several times) and held a clod wet cloth to his nose. He got pretty upset, but I think that's because I was so freaked out. So I nursed him for a little while, (yes, I'm still nursing, no he isn't a bit old for that and I don't care if you think he is) and he calmed down right away. Then he demanded his crayons.
Poor Sarah! I think the image of him toddeling towards me, with his bus in hand and blood pouring down his face was burned into my brain, I'll never forget it. I know it's not a huge deal, just a nose bleed, but I still feel a little traumatised. My mother used to tell me that you don't really know what fear is until you have children........I think she's right.