Monday, June 30, 2008

Old Blogging part 1- Enough is enough

So it’s getting to be just about that time, under a week until we install our show. I made the decision today that I’m finished. As in, all the painting is done. As in, even thought I have some blank canvasses, (especially a huge one that’s been mocking me for weeks) I have to put the brush(es) down. Now.

I’ve got enough pieces to support my space. I have had for a while now. There’s no danger of it looking empty or sparse. Yet, I just couldn’t stop. You might well wonder why I’m stopping myself at all, more is better right? In this case not so much. You see I have so much other work (non-creative non-artistic show related work) that I’ve been neglecting, and such a limited amount of free time that I must start grinding my nose if I’m going to pull it all together.

So, instead of painting tonight, I laid everything out (on the floor) and shuffled it all around until I hit upon a sort of grand composition that I could tolerate. I must admit it doesn’t look horrible. There’s a flow, the colours jive and I’m not sure, but there might even be a thyme. Of course there’s no guarantee that what I’ve done on the floor will translate well onto a space (four walls actually) that is much bigger and on a different axis. But this is the best I can do until I’m actually there, in the place, with my chains and “s” hooks ready to hang. (Which reminds me I’ve still got to do an inventory of the chains and hooks I have so that I don‘t get caught short) The best thing I can do at this point it take a few pictures (so I don’t forget my shiny layout) and pack them all away ready to go. That’s a job that can wait until tomorrow. Perhaps the next day I’ll finally finalize the price list and the day after that start on making the price cards. I know it may not sound like much but it is and if I’m not careful time will get away from me again and I’ll be freaking out Monday morning when I don’t have all my cards ready.

So, for now at least, the creativity must be plugged up like a hole in a dike and hopefully I won’t crack under the pressure. (Sorry, it’s late and I’m tired, but I have so much nervous energy I couldn’t possibly sleep, and my nerves are beat so I’m not fit for all that other work I was talking about…)

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