Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The spirit of Christmas; Autopsy

It's a really good thing I was ready so early.
I'm really glad I had my presents wrapped in reusable packing a week before Christmas Eve, and that I was so hyper organized that I left myself the Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before Christmas with mostly just social visits and nothing too important to accomplish.
I'm also really glad I've got such a good friend that I can just call her and say "Hey whatcha doin? Wanna take me to get xrays?"
The true spirit of Christmas? They say it's not the receiving, it's the giving. Well, I certainly did a lot more receiving this holiday season. But not presents. No, I got help and comfort. You've no idea how nice a cup of tea is until you need someone to bring it to you because you are just not capable of carrying it yourself.
So, I've discovered the true spirit of Christmas, It's when you fall on your ankle days before huge family celebrations and the people who love you take the time out of their busy lives to help you, comfort you, and accommodate your lack of mobility and cranky mood.
So far I've managed to ruin Thanksgiving and Christmas but nobody seems to have noticed.
Thanks guys!

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Jenn Waugh's Blog said...

ah, you didn't ruin anything. And Min and I both agree it was fun going to lunch and play group with Andrew and Ben different but fun. ;-)