Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The first thaw of the season is always so beautiful!!

Okay, since tone of voice doesn't come across on a blog, I guess I should mention I'm being extremely sarcastic. Set aside all the natural yuck lying around (leaves, mud, sticks and such) and set aside all the disgusting litter (mainly cigarette butts, which I can now complain about being a non smoker.) What's left over when the snow melts is always so darn ugly. What really gets me, are the huge pieces of trash that were left for garbage pick up (I assume) and just got missed because they were covered by the snow fall. Like Christmas trees, like specifically my Christmas tree :( which should have been picked up and sent to the chipper for mulching. I wonder what will happen to it now?.............. And old mattresses, old moldy cold mattresses. These are my "hidden treasures" unearthed by today's thaw.
Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad we finally got a thaw, and I'd love to think that spring has sprung already (+8 today WOW!) but that's just wishful thinking, I'm sure we're in for a couple more cold snaps.


Homie Bear said...

Edmonton can be pretty gross in the spring too. BUt the rest of the year it's beautiful.

Ruth Moss said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. ;)

Could be worse I suppose. Could still be snowing!