Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is such a hard post to write.

As you have most likely already heard if you know me from anywhere else, my Father died on December 3rd following a brief albeit painful battle with lung cancer. Strange to call it a battle, as he didn't have a fighting chance. The disease progressed very quickly and it took us all by surprise. His last month alive was spent in agony, and I'm very glad that he is no longer suffering.
He had made his peace with life and he was ready to go.
May God Rest His Soul
Gerald Cowling Platel February 19 1932 - December 3rd 2009


Ruth Moss said...

He looks like he was such a wonderful, caring man. And what a credit you are to him, too.

Wangcouver said...

Hey Sarah, I have to say that your Dad was the quintessential British Indian, that is to say genteel. I remember him as being quiet, refined, and always ready with a corny joke (Nas calls them Dad jokes, and her father has buckets of them).

That said, he obviously raised two wonderful children; and he is a credit to you as you and Richard are a credit to him.

Condolences, sympathies and warm wishes,
Adrian and Nas