Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sad About Stangers....

The interweb is a wonderful tool for staying connected, right?
I follow blogs of some "famous" people and lots of people I don't know in "real life". Now this is great for lots of reason I won't go into, but there's a real down side that I'm feeling today. I'm crying about a deceased baby I've never met or held. This is not even the child of the person who's blog I'm following. I don't know her parents, but still, I'm very sad. And the worst part is yesterday I was praying for her recovery!
True, I've shed a tear or two over especially sad stories on the radio or in the news paper (don't watch news on TV) but this feels different somehow. There is enough sadness in my life. I can't help these people in their grief, so how does this benefit anyone?
Sorry If I'm a little melancholy, I figure that since the internet caused this sadness, it can absorb some of it.
Please feel free to send me cute pictures, post, stories, etc to cheer me up.

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Ruth Moss said...

Oh sometimes things just hit you and you don't know why.


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