Sunday, January 18, 2009

A snowy excursion

So I've really had enough of being cooped up in the house. I've repeated "if it were only summer, if it were only summer." so many times over it could be my mantra. But sadly it is not summer, and making my way though the snow with such a tender ankle is difficult at best (especially when the side walks have not been plowed.)
But enough is enough! (Or so I thought this morning.) I said to myself, "It's Sunday and I want brunch so I'm dam well gonna go out and get it!" One of my major problems with leaving the house thus far (aside from the obvious ice and snow) has been that I couldn't get my boots on. Squeezing my foot into a winter boot requires ankle contortion that I was not able to preform. As you can imagine, living in Canada, wearing regular shoes in this weather is not an appealing option. Well, I stopped wearing my tensor bandage on Friday, and I've been (gently) stretching my foot, so I figured I'd give the boot a go. Well, it wasn't exactly painless but I managed to get it on. The journey was slow and treacherous, but Andrew, Ben and myself eventually made it to Wimpy's and had brunch. Surprisingly, getting the boot off was way worse than getting it on. And now my ankle is doing a slow and steady throb. But All in all it was really worth it. Now I can go back to my hermitage, having braved the outside world, until the next fit of restlessness takes me and I have to leave the house again. One thing is for sure. I'm not ready to take Ben out alone yet. It's unbelieveable how many times that boy falls over into the snow. To be honest, I think that he may have been doing it on purpose!


Tristan said...

What's the fun of piles of snow if you can't jump in them? Well - Ok - breaking your ankle is definitely not a fun consequence. But Ben's at that magic age he'll always remember as "back when I was a kid" and the snow is so much deeper than when he'll be older ('cause he's so much smaller). Ahhh... now I'm waxing nostalgic.

Ruth Moss said...

Such a lucky little boy to have so much snow all the time! Here it snows once in a blue moon and I think the last time it stuck was in 2005!