Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me again!

Okay. So we went away to Niagara Falls again this year to celebrate.
It was wonderfully romantic.
The weather was clear and sunny and we spent a lot of time just walking and talking.
We got a two night package which included two breakfast buffets and a voucher for dinner (didn't cover the full cost of dinner, but still).
We booked the suite with a king sized bed and a whirlpool, and when we arrived and checked in, for some reason I still don't understand we were given a complementary upgrade to a jr. presidential suite. This means that we got a whole other room with a big screen TV, sofa, and fake fire place.
We also accidentally bypassed the wait for a table at The Keg. I still maintain it was the fault of the hostess. By the time we realized what had happened it was too late to do anything about it, and they we obviously too polite to do anything anyways so we just enjoyed our dinner and left a generous tip.
All in all it was pretty much a perfect weekend.
I took some amazingly beautiful photographs which I may use in this years show if I decide to go the photography route this year......Here are some other photographs


Ruth Moss said...

Oh, lovely! Lovely! Lovely!



PS love the rainbow photo especially!! You two look very happy too!

Jenn Waugh's Blog said...

I am happy that your weekend was brightened after such a mean envelope. ;-)