Friday, May 29, 2009

It really isn't about who wins or loses....

And I'm not just saying that because we lost seven nil. (Was it seven? I lost track after a while)
The point is I had a great time, I got lots of fresh air and exercise, and I have something fun to look forward to every Sunday evening.
Who cares if I suck?
And why shouldn't I suck?
I've haven't played since like what? Grade six?
So I need to learn how to play, before I can stop sucking. (Anyways It's not as though I personally brought the entire team down all by myself.) Everyone has to start somewhere, and how will I ever improve if I don't play?
I actually came up with a pretty good working strategy, if the other team has the ball and the player is thinking and trying to aim, I just run right at them as fast as I can as if I'm totally going to steal the ball from them. Then they are forced to make a quick move as apposed to a good move. (There is only a problem if I actually reach that other player. Then I'm just standing there all like "Ohia! Can I has dat ball pleeze?" and making some feeble kicks in the generally direction of the ball.)
Some one came up with the brilliant idea of going early next Sunday to practice before the game. And there was even some talk about maybe possibly getting snazzy matching jerseys!!
The best thing about the game last week, my team totally supported my effort, and instead of commenting about how much I suck, they said that I played with heart.
How sweet and supportive is that?
I'm really glad that I got stupidly drunk at a birthday party and said I would join the team! Because I don't think I would have shown interest other wise or taken this huge risk.
Sure it would be nice to win a game or two, but I'm much more interested in getting exercise and having fun. I know I'm not a rock super star (or is that a soccer super star?) but I think I'll get better the more I play. Especially with all that lovely encouragement.
So THANK YOU team mates!
And lets play!


Homie Bear said...

Did you get a crazy roadrash? I sure did- right on a tattoo! I don't think they can be harmed by scrapes though.

S. Brykczynski said...

lol, no, but I did graze my knees, and my brother in law did kick a ball into my back, but don't worry I took it like a grown up.