Friday, May 8, 2009

I've reached my decision regarding the art show.

I'm going to go with photography this year. In fact, I'm completely ready to go! Have prints, frames and everything! I have decided to go with really f'en big, so they will be 16x20
I find it really difficult to paint "on demand" and to do enough painting to form a "collection" so I'm choosing the low stress option. That doesn't mean I'm not still painting, I am (sort of) but instead of painting with a purpose, I'm painting for sheer pleasure (much more fun) and perhaps I'll show paintings next year....

Here is my favorite photo that will be included in the show.

Taken in Niagara Falls Ontario March 2009

Sorry for the nasty logo and web address on the photo but since I'm actually trying to sell this I don't want it popping up anywhere!
Actually I've already given a print of this to someone as a birthday present.

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