Monday, April 4, 2011

Nothing new to show from last weeks class....

It was a great class and all, I actually made two simple pendants, a pair of earrings and I cut almost half way through another much more complicated pendant. However, the simple stuff needs some finishing, and I'm seriously considering drilling some holes and attaching some crystals. I guess I'll just wait and see where the spirit takes me on Wednesday. It will be my last fabrication class, but...... I can rent bench space now!!! Woooooooo! This means that I've been deemed skilled enough to safely use the equipment independently (Like the oxy/propane torch , the big scary buffer, and the drills....) and I will do so in the beginning of May. I might actually even make something for sale!!!
On a sadder note, I seem to have lost the first pendant I made. I don't know how it happened, but it's nowhere to be found :( I'm pretty sure it's in the apartment somewhere so hopefully it will turn up soon.

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