Friday, July 31, 2009

Is it over yet? Is it over yet? Is it over yet?

I'm worse than a small child in the back seat on a long trip.
I can hardly take it!
All this week people every where are saying the strike is over, before it was ratified by the workers, and then local 416 canceled their vote, and then some city councilors declared they were going to vote the deal down.
I'm reading a live blog of the meeting right now.
If the deal gets voted down, then they will go right back out onto the picket line, the garbage won't get cleaned up, (or picked up next week), and my dream of heading to Centerville over the August long weekend will never be realized.
Worse still, I'm afraid that if this deal falls through then they are destined to end the strike with binding arbitration, and as much as I want it over, I don't want it all to have been for naught.
I feel that Grandfathering the sick days bank is an acceptable compromise. (Oh sorry, I meant "Grandparenting" I really did). Either that or, the strike will just go on and on and on.
My father assures me that the councilors will pass it, even though I see the one for our own district is planning to vote no.
The truth is I just really really want the strike to be over.

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