Sunday, July 19, 2009

New shoes for the summer season. (uh, soccer season that is!)

So today my soccer team play the first game of the summer season.
We lost 4-0, but it really should have been a loss of 1-0, as the last three were scored in quick succession during the last five minutes of the game.
I decided that I liked the spring season well enough to spring for proper soccer cleats, the only thing was, so late in the season, I had a little trouble finding them. After a day of searching I found some at Sport Check at the STC, and I had a choice between a pair that was actually half a size smaller than I usually wear, black and white for $19.88 or ones that fit just right, white with pink piping for $79.99.
If you know me well, then you know which ones I bought with out me having to say, and if you know Andrew well, you know that he told me to buy the other ones. Well, in my defense, they fit okay in the store, and the sales person (who just happened to also be the manager) told me the would loosen up in after a few wears.
So I get to the game today and I'm late, which is fine because as you may know we are not v.v. serious (although more serious this season as we have two new players who actually know how to play), but it seems we are a player short! So as quick as I can I get into my shorts, (not easy as there is no changing room) my super fluffy soccer sock, and ram my feet into my new shoes. Well, I toughed it out for as long as I could and then, when thankfully another player arrived, I hobbled off the field and took of me shoes and socks. (At this point wondering why the heck I didn't bring back up running shoes, the ones that I played last season in). Then I put just the shoes back on. Which was a little bit gross feeling, but at least a bit more comfortable. After that I did notice that one player on the other team was not wearing any socks either.
So looks like I'll be going sockless this season (and the money I would have saved on shoes will be spent on waxing ;)
I suppose I should have listened to my husband!

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