Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New hair and a Wedding!

Ready for something dramatic?
I chopped off most of my hair and died the underhair

It's the coolest hair I've ever had. I wasn't too sure about it at first because the stylist insisted on straightening it with a hot iron, but I like it better now that it's been washed. (It's a bit fluffy though.)

I did it so that I could look super stylish for Dan and Maria's wedding, which was yesterday and absolutely fabulous. It was the biggest wedding we've ever been to and we were seated soooooo close to the head table!!! I felt really honored and touched.
It was also like a little reunion, with old friends coming in from all over the place. I've known Dan since highschool (Andrew's known him a bit longer) and he's more family than friend. We all love Maria lots, and it was great to see this awesome couple finally make it all nice and legal. The bride was of course drop dead gorgeous, and the groom was not only hansom but also very well behaved ;)
It proved to be a bit too much for Ben who lasted through the actual service but wouldn't stay for dinner.
(His exact words were "Mummy I've had all together too much of this and I need to go home RIGHT NOW." to which I responded okay lets just eat a little first. Then I took him into the dinning room, where they had a lovely buffet of appetizers, and when he saw the size of the room and all the tables and the chandeliers and all the decoration he had a complete melt down. So, Andrew took him directly to Tim Hortin's and then home!)
The food was so good, starting with a cold appetizer buffets (salads, and cheeses, and other lovely treats). Dinner proper started with a shrimp and scallop skewer with fancy greens (wrapped in a long thin cucumber slice), followed by a pallet cleanser, then a pasta course (penne in tomato sauce and a sort of cheese in a pasta pouch tied up in a green onion, no idea what it's really called but it's was v.v. tasty!) , then steak and potatoes with veggies. Berries with cream for dessert, and twenty a million cakes each one as delicious as the last (with ice cream too of course). At the very end a chocolate fountain!!!
I decided not to take pictures at the wedding because I wanted to enjoy every moment rather than capture it in photographs. Besides I'm sure some pictures will come my way eventually.

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Ruth Moss said...

You look fabulous. And that dress - the one on the email - is amazing.